AMAZIGH CULTURAL TOURS MOROCCO offers a range of itineraries that deliver a true engagement with the indigenous Amazigh (Berber) culture of Morocco and the incredible natural environment of the Atlas Mountains and vast Sahara.

Beginning with the imperial city of Marrakech, guided tours of the ancient Medina provide an introduction to the exotic culture including the museums, palaces and souqs (markets) where artisans continue their millennia-long trade in textiles, leather, ceramics, jewellery and more.

Following the ancient Saharan caravan routes we explore the Atlas Mountains with dizzying passes, lush valleys and spectacular adobe Kasbahs. Remote villages offer comfortable guesthouse accommodation and wholesome Moroccan cuisine.

Visit the Sahara to experience the incredible tranquility and space of this immense landscape. Take a camel ride through the dunes at sunset or overnight to a campsite offering traditional accommodation in hand woven nomad tents.

TAILOR MADE TOURS offer a range of options for groups or individuals and can accommodate individual interests and time frames. A ‘taste’ of Amazigh Culture can be served in a few days, or for an ideal cultural ‘immersion’ tour we recommend 14-21 days.

We have a strong interest in art and the natural environment and are open to exploring new territory away from busy tourist routes. We encourage families and small groups and are sensitive to clients with special interests.



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