PRIVATE GUIDED TRAVEL through the wonders of Morocco
…as you wish…

Our individually CRAFTED Tours will escort you through your dream holiday experience in Morocco travelling at your own pace and following your own personal interests.
If you are looking for something beyond the usual rote tours on offer, then stay with us.

Tell us – what is your passion?
What is your obsession!

Selected Tours:


In your own vehicle with an experienced driver and guide we choose excellent accommodation and take the greatest care to maximise your enjoyment.

We are mindful of difference, respecting people from all walks of life who visit Morocco and their individual interests.

We also take the greatest care to be respectful of local communities and customs, to make a contribution and support the local economy. We practice low impact, environmentally sensitive tourism taking care of the landscape, flora and fauna.

So let us take care of you too – and share our knowledge and experience of Morocco as we introduce you to the traditions, colour and life of this unique country.
That is our passion!