REAL Food:

We like gourmet – but without the pretensions of many ‘foodie’ tours!

You can do a cooking class in Marrakech in a state-of-the-art kitchen with all mod-cons or follow us on a REAL Food experience where you can cook tagine on a traditional coal brazier with a beautiful local family. Or bake REAL bread in a traditional clay oven. Or cook a whole goat ‘mechoui’ style in a special mud oven. Shop at the weekly market, walk the oasis and see how the REAL food is grown, make 7 times steamed REAL couscous and eat REAL seasonal fruit!

…add your ingredients and mix – a REAL Food focus can become a part of any of our tour itineraries. Sahara & FoodImperial Cities & Food – AmaZIGh Culture & Food …as you wish.

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