A chance to save up to AUD$500 on the 2018 YOGA TOUR with Dore Stockhausen.

Bring along some friends and save!
1 friend saves AUD$200
2 friends saves AUD$300
3 friends saves AUD$400
4 friends saves AUD$500

Contact us now for a special exclusive offer

There is still time to join this tour in September and take advantage of this Special Offer. This tour is a gentle YOGA holiday. It is not a retreat but a glorious immersive cultural experience with a focus on health and wellbeing and time to start and end each busy day with some relaxing YOGA and breathing exercises.

“Thanks to Dore for her patient help and skill, to ensure I produced a silver piece of jewellery. I would not have thought it possible!– Carole, 2015 Jewellery Tour. 

…but that’s not all…we also offer a FREE TOUR deal.

Follow the link…or contact Zig Zag